Infrastructure protection from wildfires

With ever more frequent and intense wildfires on a global scale, it is time to rethink how infrastructure is best protected from an advancing fire front. We propose a turnkey solution offering wildfire protection on a ZIP-code level combining efficient water usage and low risk exposure for practitioners.

Does your community face wildfires? Do you own industrial facilities in the wildland-urban interface? Do you manage a natural park? We have the right solution for you!

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Wildfire insurance

Along with regular inspections and on-site tutorials on best practices, HoZe Solutions will help overall number of wildfire outbreaks in your area to be kept in check. Have you been affected by raising insurance policies or even been told your infrastructure is no longer covered?

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About the company

We bridge front-line firefighting experience with world-class research output to offer innovative solutions aiming at the protection from natural catastrophes. The name hints at the fire hose as the main component and the two initial letters of the managing partners' family names:

David Zenz

Wholesale merchant (MA FOM 2018 & LL.B Management law 2013)
From Bergisch Gladbach (GER)
Voluntary firefighter and emergency paramedic
Wildfire experience as hot-shot crew leader in Greece and Cyprus

Martin Hofmann
Materials Engineer (MSc EPFL 2016)

From Merenschwand (SWI)

Voluntary firefighter
Wildfire experience as hot-shot crew leader in Greece and Cyprus


We are looking to extend our development team. Do you have experience in remote sensing / GIS / wildfire modelling and care to achieve a strong environmental impact with your skills? Please reach out to us:


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